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Southeastern Railway came to us in 2012 to create their very first marketing video content. Since then, we’ve become their number one creator of internal and external communications video and podcast content.




We’ve produced a vast range of marketing, internal communications and advertising content, as well as training their teams to speak and create their own newsworthy media. Here are some of the projects we’ve run:
  • Southeastern information films and adverts during and after COVID – for public information, social media and internal communications
  • Rail strike films for social media and internal comms, offering advice and support, as well as information for staff
  • Content for government – our films have been shown to Prime Ministers, Parliamentary groups and other policy makers on behalf of Southeastern
  • All event films for their annual Gold Awards since 2014, as well as special events including service launches (the new City Beam trains launched in 2021-2), customer-focused films and passenger surveys, even the creation of a fashion show to launch their new uniforms
  • We have also created a string of long-form documentaries for Southeastern and their group partners at Go-Ahead – as well as Go-Ahead’s own brand films and website content.