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Škoda is one of many clients in the automotive sector who’ve come our way to mix the factual with a sense of fun to enhance their brand in the UK.
So, in 2012 they asked us to create an iconic looking film combining behind the scenes and launch day footage for release within hours of the grand unveiling of a piece of public art celebrating the launch of their new CitiGo car.

We took an advertising approach from storyboard to the shoot days, bearing in mind that this was a real event – we had to combine a number of factual and specific elements of the brief (for example, creating a music track that moved fluidly from druids to Tiesto), use interviews, slow and fast motion filming in HD, GoPro, iconic Stone Henge style shots – and we even provided the sculptor.

‘We are so pleased with your film, the story, the tone, style and lightening turnaround. I can’t remember signing off the first version of a video before now. Thank you.’