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We’ve created a huge amount of content for the NHS since 2006: from key internal clinical training materials, to fly-on-the-wall hazardous area response pieces (with the Dept of Health), to public-facing content covering midwifery, general health, oncology, HIV and diabetes.


We have written the scripts, planned, filmed, produced and trained staff to present and contribute to media for the NHS:
  • NHS-wide hygiene training for all staff
  • ‘The Journey’ – pregnancy and childbirth across East Kent
  • Supporting Learners – films to enhance training
  • St George’s learning and development films
  • NHS recruitment films for nurses and midwives to East Kent Hospitals
  • St George’s surgical information film
  • St George’s NHS-wide promotional resource
  • 2008-2018: We also worked with many other Trusts nationwide from Newcastle to the Isle of Wight.

‘Greenscreen are a pleasure to work with and provide a first rate service. With their expert advice and guidance we achieved a high quality marketing product which says exactly what we wanted it to’ – Helen O’Keefe, Associate Director of Nursing, East Kent Hospitals.


‘The Journey’ has been used as the template for public communication of midwifery across the country, as a hugely effective way to guide new mothers and fathers on their route through pregnancy and childbirth.
An incredible 100% increase in recruitment across the whole of East Kent Hospitals within 12 months – the client reported that the overwhelming response from new applicants to different roles was purely due to watching the films.
St George’s Hospitals in London reported their best ever response from other Trusts to the work being done within the hospitals, mainly because of the film and the way their hard work had been expressed.