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Marketforce Business Media are a high level events business, bringing together the leading players and policy level decision makers to events across a wide range of sectors including financial services, utilities, technology, broadcasting and transport.


In 2006, we created a better-than-TV business panel format for MarketforceLive, before webinars were ‘a thing’.
Since then, MarketforceLive’s webinars have become the most successful in the UK, in terms of viewership, reviews and the level of panellists, across more than 14 years – all guided, quality controlled and moderated by Greenscreen.
During COVID-19, we immediately turned their physical events and webinars into online event TV, which allowed their business to continue, when many struggled to stay afloat.


MarketforceLive have built an entire multi-million Dollar business around our work with them, with our streaming partners, guided on content and delivery at all times by Greenscreen.
Tens of thousands of CEOs, CFOs have watched us live alongside the most senior people in dozens of industries, with always excellent reviews.