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British Antarctic Survey

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We’ve worked with the British Antarctic Survey since 2005 on a number of projects in film and advisory services.
They first came to Greenscreen to raise awareness of climate change, which had, at the time, fallen almost completely out of the public consciousness. They asked us to try to change that.




We created a set of films for the BAS, based on a trip to Antarctica by the then government’s Chief Scientific Advisor on Climate Change – Sir Howard Dalton.
We prepared Sir Howard with a full brief on presenting, what to show us, how BAS colleagues could film and produce the key information that British audiences would need to understand in Antarctica, to turn around the public awareness issues that they faced.


Our films were a huge success – carried by national TV, leading to further interviews and crucial coverage across the BBC, ITV, Sky and internationally, that brought the latest observations of climate change into people’s homes worldwide.
Sir Howard’s trip to Antarctica and the coverage we generated was cited in his MBE the following year.
We were then asked to advise the British Antarctic Survey in their broader work with the media, and we accepted a place on an advisory panel for the International Polar Year.
This is a client story that we are proud of to this day, and are privileged to have helped The british Antarctic Survey to write.