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BrightTALK is a video and webinar content platform, with clients across the world specialising in financial services.



We have worked with BrightTALK in two specific ways: we’ve complemented their own in-house video production services with editorial and script content for live webinars and promotional content. Secondly, we have chaired keynote events in a range of areas of business and marketing.
While – in this case – we don’t actually handle the cameras or editing for BrightTALK, our work has focused on making programmes more compelling for audiences – both live streamed and on-demand.


BrightTALK work extensively in marketing technology and lead generation but we’ve helped them to enhance the delivery of their content as well as writing it, briefing panelists and contributors, and chairing their live and filmed events.
We’ve done this by pushing their content beyond the best national broadcast standards, and offering a more innovative approach that generates real conversations with leading industry voices.
This has radically boosted BrightTALK’s marketing reach and editorial offering.