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Avanos are one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment and services in the world.
We’ve created 10 films for Avanos and its previous businesses since 2013.


Our work has been focused on  training content for clinical staff, nurses and doctors in the UK and across Europe, in a series of separate projects.
Greenscreen has become:
  • The key European supplier of all content for CORPAK MedSystems (now Avanos)
  • We helped to design a new digital platform to give healthcare professionals across the world access to every training programme, document and piece of content
  • We are also designing all of the company’s new digital training programmes.

Our films are used by Health Trusts across the UK in CPD training courses and introductions to PEG, RIG and nasogastric feeding tube placement – essential to any patient who’s unable to eat.
Also, patients and carers also now have their first ever video content designed to improve lives, and understand the mechanisms of a variety of important equipment, in use by tens of thousands of people in the UK, and millions elsewhere.