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Lindley Gooden is the Founder and Cheerleader-in-Chief at Greenscreen.
He has worked in television and radio since the early 1990s as a Senior BBC Journalist, Head of News, Consumer & Technology Correspondent and Presenter in the BBC’s national newsrooms, Sky, Five News, ITN and commercial radio.

Lindley – apart from running the day-to-day work of Greenscreen –  writes and chairs some of the City of London’s most watched and highly rated business webinars and events, on a wide range of subjects including:
  • The use of A.I. and machine learning in financial services
  • Cross-industry customer engagement, including the use of chatbots and internal engagement
  • Wealth Management and Investment
  • Financial services regulation (including GDPR), strategy, marketing and innovation
  • Cross-sector content marketing and analytics
  • Threat and fraud protection
  • Payments and transaction innovation
  • Healthcare for senior clinicians
  • Innovation in broadcast and digital media
He also works with the largest companies in the world as a media and presentation coach, helping thousands of people at all levels since 2005.
He has advised some of the world’s largest businesses, government, and scientific organisations on their media work – as well as lecturing at the UK’s most prestigious postgraduate journalism courses including the London College of Communications, City University, University of Cardiff and Highbury College (Portsmouth).

Lindley was a scientist until his mid twenties. He has a research masters (M.Phil.) in theoretical solid state physics and published research that contributed to the creation of modern solid state recording devices.
He also has postgraduate degrees in journalism, and marketing & advertising communications.