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We’ve worked for more than 30 years in front of, and behind cameras, microphones and on stage, and still do almost daily for our clients.


Our job is to help businesses to build their skills rapidly and drive audience engagement by coaching their people to speak more clearly, with greater confidence.




From the most senior leader to new and energetic spokespeople, our blended learning programme helps you to quickly, under pressure, radically improve your performance. We can do that online – as we did throughout the COVID pandemic – in person, or in groups.


Our clients range from the largest financial and fintech players in the world, to healthcare providers, to travel – and tens of thousands of first time interviewees for broadcast and news media.


Here are the key areas:





Our programme is designed for anyone who needs to speak publicly – even if that’s within days of contact.


It covers every single element of public speaking, including presenting to camera,  on TV, radio,  online and to live audiences.


You simply choose the modules that you need, delivered exclusively by an expert trainer, focused on the scenarios you face – using a unique combination of personalised coaching and online learning.




‘Greenscreen have been instrumental in helping us to put our top spokespeople onto the national TV screen. They ran the audition process, worked with me to select the best candidates and are now working with the ‘faces’ of our organisation on an ongoing basis, to polish and finesse their on-screen performances. Without fail, Greenscreen are professional, enthusiastic and engaged. They’ve helped us through a daunting process, and even made it enjoyable! Our spokespeople trust the team’s judgment and feedback, as do I, and Greenscreen honestly do ‘go the extra mile’ to provide an excellent, bespoke service.’, Nikki Lehel, former Head of Public Relations, Which?