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Editing and post-production are where the magic happen.
You might need a quick cut of mobile footage, or a gorgeous, graphic-fuelled extravaganza where the images are so fabulous that people drop what they’re doing and click within seconds.

There’s nothing that the Greenscreen team can’t turn around into a story, in fact we do it every day of the week. After all, we were at the forefront of user-generated content in the UK when YouTube was a glimmer in the creators’ eyes.

But ultimately, the heart of a great edit is you.
To produce really special content, we want to know you, what motivates you, what your brand and tone of voice have been, and what you’re trying to say next.


So, let’s create some magic!


We edit in-house, which means that you won't be paying for external edit houses costing thousands in hire costs. Every project is seen through directly by us from idea to impact and beyond.

EDIT – eye graphic picture SQUARE
EDIT – OxTS picture LONG
EDIT – blinkbox picture LONG
EDIT – Prizeo picture SQUARE